The goal of UM-Bridge is to connect software packages, research projects and communities. Contributions are therefore more than welcome!

We are happy to help with any questions regarding contributions or usage of UM-Bridge.

This also holds for the closely related benchmark library, whose sources can be found in the benchmarks repository.

Possible contributions might include:

  • Fixes and extensions

  • Support for new languages or specific software packages

  • New benchmarks and models for the UM-Bridge benchmark library


You can reach the UM-Bridge team via


The documentation covers both UM-Bridge itself as well as the benchmark library.

It is built from markdown files in both repositories.


Contributions may be submitted via pull requests on GitHub.

Testing (and deployment, when appropriate) is conducted via GitHub workflows.

Bug reports and feature requests

Please send bug reports and feature requests via issue tracker on GitHub.

If possible, provide instructions for how to reproduce an issue. For issues that occur with specific models, it is helpful to refer to a container from the benchmark library that exposes the issue.